Ask The Baby: US Healthcare Reform

Healthcare Expert E. Judson

Healthcare Expert E. Judson

This week, Public Health Expert EAA Judson answers your questions about HR 3200 and other health care reform proposals currently before Congress.

All answers to questions are transcribed verbatim.

Dear Ask The Baby: I am a retiree. I am terrified that the President wants me to be subject to a Death Panel to decide whether or not I am still productive enough to be left alive! I am also terrified that he will take away my Medicare and force me into a government healthcare program! What can I do?

–Glenn Beck Fan

Dear GBF: [sustained, high-pitched screeching]

Dear Ask The Baby: I’m a Republican. I’m terrified that in a government healthcare system, President Obama will use our party registration to deny us healthcare since we’re members of the “wrong” party! What can I do?

–In a Rush to Listen to Rush

Dear Rush: [sustained, high-pitched screeching]

Dear Ask The Baby: I’m a conservative voter. I’m terrified that under a government healthcare plan, the President will require me to give my tax dollars to fund contraception and abortions. What can I do?

–Pro-Life, Not Pro-Death Panel

Dear Pro: [sustained, high-pitched screeching]

Dear Ask The Baby: I voted for the President. Why isn’t he doing a better job refuting all these lies about death panels and denying service to Republicans and … and… I can’t take it. It’s insane. Health care costs are bankrupting families now and will bankrupt our country in the future, and when the President calls for some modest, incremental reforms, all of a sudden you’ve got people bringing assault rifles to town hall meetings and US Reps calling for revolution and evidence that most people believe every stupid myth debunked in this article here and I’d really like reform to pass so I can move home and have my pre-existing conditions covered. ARRRGH!


Dear Mum: [sustained, high-pitch screeching] [bursts into tears]



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