Parent Practice

We’ve just learned that Abby and Can are expecting a boy in December. Also, I’ve divined through the Intertubes that their baby is my first cousin once removed but is Bean’s second cousin. Apparently the “grade” of cousins relates to how far back you come from the same ancestor. So, if you share grandparents, you are first cousins. If you share great-grandparents (as Bean and Baby Senkal will), you are second cousins. Fifth cousins makes you a Roosevelt, apparently.

But! (exciting news) there is also a first cousin baking here in Blighty. Simon and Steph are expecting a baby around December 18th. I am sure that he or she will enjoy being drooled on by the Bean on a regular basis. Meanwhile the lovely Fwaaas are taking on some baby-minding duties for us with a view towards practicing the whole parenthood schtick.  Simon, as you can see, has “holding-the-baby-while-looking-sensitive-but-butch” down pat:

And then they burst into song.

And then they burst into song.

We went out last night to see “Moon”, directed by Duncan Jones (who knows a thing or two about unfortunate birth names, having been fathered by David Bowie), and left the Bean in custody of her loving aunt and uncle. At no time did we feel misgivings about this in spite of the fact that they have both watched and enjoyed “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”. We did, however, get the nagging feeling while driving that we were forgetting something very important. More than once I noticed Trev looking into the rear-view mirror and then shaking his head– we have a mirror mounted on the back windshield that lets us see what Bean’s up to in her car seat, and, of course, she wasn’t there.

Steph’s baby-baking has timed out wonderfully well for her in material terms: she has several friends (in addition to yours truly) who have recently had babies of their own, and as a result is snowed under with maternity and newborn clothes. We’ll be handing over the cradle and our co-sleeping bassinet to them (Bean is too big for the former, will soon outgrow the latter), and supplying them with a Miracle Blanket.  And, of course, we will be available for child-minding purposes when they want to catch a movie. We will need to get an idea what it’s going to be like with two, just so we don’t get too keen to have another one right away (Bean 2.0 is penciled in for a 2013 release). They are lovely, but one’s enough for right now.


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