Haute Cuisine

Or oat cuisine, I guess.

The Bean’s nearly five months old already (egad!) and it’s around that time that most babies are ready to start tasting foods other than milk (“eating solids” is a bit of a mischaracterization of the process, I think).

I’d planned to be all earth-motherly and feed her homegrown peas boiled in mint water for her first meal. While the mint has gone gangbusters this summer, the peas, unfortunately, have not. And Bean was showing signs of interest in grown-up food that we could no longer ignore (namely, grabbing my spoon and shouting at me while I was trying to eat). Finally, the nurses at the baby clinic suggested to Trev that Bean behaved like a baby who was ready to move on to eating from a spoon. Very little of a baby’s first bash at solids does much nutritionally, so we’re not replacing bottle feeds with this any time soon. It’s a supplementation process until we get the mechanics down.

What did Bean eat tonight? Nothing terribly exciting: just porridge, and probably less than a tablespoon all told. I ground up some oats in our (very well cleaned!) coffee grinder, cooked them in water, and thinned them out with some breast milk  (it’s nice to know exactly what’s going into Bean’s body).

The result: messy success!

We’ll keep this up for a week or so, just to make sure that she really is okay with oats, and then move on to something new. Like those peas, maybe.


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