Jet Lag

Phew. Well. It was terrific to see everyone back west at the beginning of the month and an absolute pleasure to pass the Bean around from one loving pair of hands to the next.  I can also say with a fair degree of confidence that our stay in Ocean Grove gave us the nicest weather we’ll see all summer (stupid gulf stream!), along with the superb company and fabulous ice cream.

My favorite part of the trip was watching my Dad become Grandpa M. I LOVED my Grandpa M, and now Eve will love hers, too.  First of all, check out his fine taste in haberdashery for under-twos:

Behold, the watermelon hat!

Behold, the watermelon hat!

We were given heaps of gorgeous clothes for the Bean while we were in the USA. It would be wrong of me to pick favorites, probably, but the watermelon hat got the most comments from strangers. Seriously, if we had a nickel for every time someone stopped us to say “Your baby is adorable– and that hat!”, we would already have purchased our flights for our next trip. Here is another shot:

Cute overload.

Cute overload.

That hat will come in handy over the next six months or so, not just for fashion purposes, but also for disguising the odd bad hair day:

Helena Beanham Carter

Helena Beanham Carter

(Note to self: Skip the blow-dry on the baby.)

There are more pictures floating around on various devices and I really will try to get more of them up here this week. Since returning from the US last Friday both Trev and I have been a bit useless (“No kidding!” says Yelena).

I seem to have developed some sort of allergy that’s left me with hives all over and a vaguely flu-like malaise: fatigue, brain fog, stiff joints. The doctor thinks it could be a low-grade virus or possibly polymorphous light eruption, an acquired photosensitivity. It is also the name of the prog-rock band I plan to form as soon as the embarrassing rash subsides.

July is slipping away. Very soon we will have a baby that sits up on her own and rolls over (she’s 2/3 of the way there; she can roll up onto her side). I will have to put my head down and do a lot of work during what remains of this month. If you aren’t seeing updates as often as you’d like, please send me an e-mail.


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