Iz can feedz my SELF daddy

No, our little one is not actually talking yet, although she did try earnestly to shed light on her current thoughts and opinions with a wide variety of gargoyle inspired mouth noises.  The headline does in fact refer to what she was probably trying to tell me when I took this photo.  Our little baby flavored joy monkey has taken to grabbing her bottle and keeping it in place with her own fair mini-sausage fingers, and she don’t want no interference!  Not exactly ground breaking news  in the grand scheme of things I know, but quite a big deal when you’re only as big as a shoebox. It’s amazing how every day she acquires another little movement or expression that adds something to who she is.

Note also how small the cradle has become!

Note also how small the cradle has become!

In other news, The Artist Formerly Known as First Tooth has decided to remain below the gum-line, possibly preferring to wait for an upswing in the economy.  Either that or 2 hours into our (shudder) flight. Hopefully they don’t make orange boiler-suits quite that small and we’ll be chillin’ with our home-persons at the Merli crib before you can say noise canceling headphones.  It can’t come soon enough. Eve is very much looking forward to her first triple-jump coaching session.


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