For the past few days, the Bean has been very fidgety and fussy.  She’s normally a quite cheerful baby– she has her Unhappy Hour from about 5-7, but it’s nothing traumatic, just some grunting and brief spells of crying– but this has been different. Crying, whining, not happy if she’s picked up, put down, fed, not fed, played with or rocked. We really didn’t know what to do. Then I stuck a finger in her mouth and felt along her lower gumline. There’s a bump there.

Her first tooth is emerging! It hasn’t cut the gums yet, but it’s on the way up. It could be a fun few weeks, full of drool and gnawed fingers and eventually a sharp bite on fairly sensitive bits of my anatomy.

Anyway, some baby Tylenol and a cooled bottle teat to chew on made her feel better.  Sigh. Before we know it, she’ll be stealing the car.

Here’s some videos of her in action:

We want to make her first tooth a special one. We’re undecided as to whether we should get a diamond stud cemented onto it, have it gold-plated, file it into a nice sharp point, or maybe invest in some custom grillz for when they’ve all grown in. Suggestions?



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