This Month in Bean: 3 May – 3 June

Look Mum! It's the Other Baby!

Look Mum! It's the Other Baby!

Well. Hi. I am a little embarrassed about how badly the blog has been maintained over the last month. We have been very busy– happily so.  Trev has left his job and is now a full-time dad while I am a full-time computer monkey. We’ve been going at this only for four days. It is something of a gamble, but at least we didn’t buy a country inn… Mom.

Today Bean reached the three month mark and ceased to be a newborn. She is now an infant. And what a healthy bundle of infant she is. She weighs a solid thirteen pounds now, and has put on two inches since her birth. Her hair, contrary to what some people told us would happen, has not fallen out, but has thickened and lengthened. It is a lovely brownish-black, like Dad’s, and will probably need to be cut as soon as she can sit up on her own long enough to let someone do it.

Not even the shiny bracelet could get her to raise her head.

Not even the shiny bracelet could get her to raise her head.

She isn’t quite ready to sit up yet, but she has started to roll a bit. She can also hold her head up very well if you have her on your shoulder or if you help her to sit up. If you put her on the floor on her belly, it’s a different story. She can’t yet do a full baby push-up, but she tries, grunting and muttering to herself.  She lies there with one cheek on the floor, gurgling, then tries to turn her head and gets stuck face-down. We sit next to her and call her name in an attempt to encourage her to turn her head, but so far this has only resulted in a cranky baby with a somewhat squashed nose. We’ll keep at it.

Bean is beginning to grab purposefully at things and then stick them in her mouth. So far this has happened mostly to plastic toys and my hair, but she is eyeing Trev’s glasses and I have a feeling they’ll be coming off his face sometime soon.  She has learned that hands (hers, mine, Dad’s) are both grabbable and tasty.

She has also discovered the Other Baby in the house, who lives in the mirror. Bean and this Other Baby engage in epic staring contests. Bean shouts in frustration when she tries to touch this baby and only whacks glass– or child-safe plastic, in the case of the baby mirror that’s now  in her crib (I feel that I could add a seed dispenser and a water container and call it a parrot cage at this point– only parrots don’t wear nappies).

Speaking of the crib, Bean is now clearly expressing annoyance at spending most of her day lying down. Now that she has more head control, she is able to look around at things that interest her, and Trev hit on the bright idea of popping her into the car seat or into the stroller while she’s indoors. This gives her a nice vantage point to watch us from and also makes her portable. I have had her quietly observing me while I make myself breakfast or fold laundry or conduct keyterm research about personality disorders for a client who only speaks French.  You know, typical new mum stuff.

She is much more settled when she has more than the ceiling to look at. She is part of the social group, which helps her feel included and gets her used to not being the center of attention. She can look at the plants, look out the window, watch Mum and Dad converse, or watch the cats mill around. And, best of all, she is starting to discover her feet while sitting like this. From what we can tell, her major reaction is confusion. Once she is capable of tasting them, I’m sure she’ll accept them as her own.

When we sing to her, she looks utterly transported with delight, and will coo and gurgle along.   She is discovering her little voice– yelling, squeaking, howling and occasionally saying “huh-looooooooowwwwwhhhhhh”.  She is doing this less often, but she will sometimes say it first when you peek at her in her cot. That is a little unnerving as it suggests she’s doing more than just mimicing us.

Probably the most important skill Eve has learned in the last month is laughter. You don’t get very far in life without it, so we are pleased she has picked it up early and is doing it so freely. As she passes the third month by, the lights have started to come on in the house of her personality. She is a friendly, funny, cheerful little girl. We are so lucky.



  1. Sounds like she’s on track with Noemi as far as hair growth. Noemi has had a haircut/trim every two months since she’s been born to keep the hair out of her eyes as it naturally falls forward. At nearly 1yr old, the length of her hair is about 1/3 down her back, kid you not! Anyhow, good to see an update. Like Abby, I was starting to wonder about you guys.

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