This Month In Bean: 3 April – 3 May 2009

I’ve seen a lot of sunrises in the last two months. I have also seen the small human living with me go from this:

To this:

A lot has happened in nine weeks, although that isn’t always obvious. Much of our day with Bean doesn’t make for riveting writing– there are plenty of parent and mommy blogs out there on the Internet anyway. But having a child has made me finally understand that the simple passing of time is very precious, that there are no ordinary moments: something is always happening, growing, becoming new. Something is always lost, too.

I know I think too much, but I already miss the tiny, six-days-old creature in the first video above: her smell, her first small sounds, her strange underwater hand motions. And I know that this time next month, I will miss the more robust lady in the second video. She has blue-maybe-green-sometimes-brown eyes. She has a wonderful slow-breaking sideways smile. She is figuring out this business of making noises (hear her practicing “hellos” after Trev asks if she has anything to add), and watches us talking to her intensely, trying to mimic what we do with our mouths. And she’s only nine weeks old. I didn’t realize it was possible to feel so strongly connected to someone who’s not even entirely aware of her feet yet.


"This would be more fun if I could reach the toys."

"This would be more fun if I could reach the toys."

On to Week Nine: we are starting to establish a nice cozy routine– or we were, before yesterday, when Baby’s First Cold began emerging (more about that in another post)– morning coffee, diary, housework after the 6:00 feed, then some fresh air followed by baby grooming before I sit down to work at 9:30. Bean sleeps or bashes at a dangling toy or talks to me while I work, and then when Dad comes home, she spends time with him downstairs. Sometimes she also talks to the bumpers on the cradle. Yesterday she also tried to grab them, which was amusing, watching her become very annoyed and confused.


Never too sleepy to smile.

Never too sleepy to smile.

She is spending more time outside the cradle on her play mat (thanks, Aunt Steph and Uncle Simon!), and continues to enjoy checking stuff out from Mum’s-Eye-View via the Sleepy Wrap. On Saturday, we took advantage of the nice weather and drove out to the Wye Valley on the border with Wales. We ambled along the river for about four hours, covering eight miles and (in Mum and Dad’s case) getting our first sunburns of 2009. Bean, protected by her lovely pink hat, slept a lot but also watched the countryside go by. I am sure much of it was  a green-and-blue blur for her, but she clearly was riveted by the sight of a swan on green grass, and sometimes was so intent on looking at things that she would crane herself out at an alarming angle.  Among the creatures worthy of Bean’s attention:

  • Ducks and geese
  • Grouses (greeses? grice?)
  • Deer, including fawns
  • Horses
  • Sheep
  • Cows and calves

If you can catch balmy weather, Great Britain in May is one of the most blessed and beautiful spots on the earth, even if you’re stuck in a town. We weren’t, and so we feasted on views like these:


Wye River at Goodrich Castle

Wye River at Goodrich Castle

A good portion of the walk passed through woodlands. We heard deer calling to one another, and found drifts of bluebells everywhere on the ground. Trev thought it was the best walk we had done so far (we have been using books from the Pathfinder Guides series), though I still prefer the walk we did with Mom and Dad last year above Llanthony Priory. Bean was still baking at that point, benefiting from my getting some exercise. This time she was able to enjoy our excursion more directly:


The Lady of Leisure

The Lady of Leisure

That’s enough for now: I’ll be up at sunrise again tomorrow.



  1. Love the conversation….she’ll be quite the conversationalist very early, that’s my prediction! Thanks for the “live action” video….can’t wait to chew on those cheeks!!

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