Ask The Baby: Car Repair


Our Expert Mechanic

Our Expert Mechanic

In this edition of Ask The Baby our pint-sized polymath addresses your automotive headaches. 

All responses from our columnist are, as always, transcribed verbatim.

Dear Ask The Baby: I’ve spent a small fortune recently in rebuilding my 429 cubic inch 1969 Ford V8. I used sixty thousandths-oversized pistons, and had a new water pump and a new, oversized, heavy-duty radiator installed. Unfortunately, there’s been an overheating problem after the overhaul that the mechanic can’t explain. We removed the thermostat and installed a direct drive for the fan, but still the car overheats. Any ideas? 

–Hot Under The Hood

Dear HUTH: [intense staring. Then flapping arms] Ahhh!  Ahhh!  A-gheh, mmmmm! [blows bubbles]

Dear Ask The Baby: Last week I discovered a nail in one of my tires and took it in to the shop to have it plugged. Later, my boyfriend said I should have had it patched instead, because the plug could weaken the inner structure of the tire. I’ve had my tires plugged before, without any incident, but now I’m worried.  Is my boyfriend right about the patch? Is there anything else I could use to strengthen a hole the next time I find a nail in my tire?

Plug or Patch?

Dear Plug or Patch: Goo. Ah-goo. [blows more bubbles]



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