The Week In Bean: 22-29 April

"Hello Bean!" "Huh-oooooooooo!"

"Hello Bean!" "Huh-oooooooooo!"

Week Eight

DOT: Then there’s Diptheria-Tetanus, what they call the Dip-Tet? You gotta get ’em Dip-Tet boosters yearly, or else they’ll develop lockjaw and night vision.

Raising Arizona

Bean went for her first round of immunizations today, and she was such a little star that if she were a toddler I would have taken her out for ice cream afterwards.  After having her reflexes checked and her vitals monitored and her tires rotated by the doctor (all systems are go), the friendly nurse jabbed these enormous needles into Bean’s little baby thighs. Bean shrieked and then  gave her lungs a workout hollering– for all of fifteen seconds. She whimpered a bit, but after some milk she was fast asleep and stayed that way all the way home. She has since been rather whiny, making poor Dad work hard to keep her happy, but all in all the experience was less traumatic than we feared.  

Bean has been getting lots of attention from the medical profession this week. I took her to the baby clinic yesterday (there’s a drop-in centre at a local church) to have her weighed and measured.  While she was lying on the scale she gave the nurse a big grin and a squeak. The nurse said, “Aren’t you lovely? Hello, darling! Hello!”

Bean began to flap her arms in delight. “Huh!” she said. “Huh-ooooohhhhlo!”

The nurse stared. “Did she just…?”

“She’s been doing that for about two weeks now,” I said.

“Uh!” Bean agreed. Then she did a tremendous wee all over the scale.

If you were to look at me and Trev and pick traits that Bean would be destined to have by dint of being our kid, they might include:

  • Being taller than average (confirmed! she is average length… for a 16-week old, and predictors put her between 5’8″ and 5’10” at maturity)
  • Having a large head (also confirmed)
  • Being nearsighted, with need for corrective lenses around age 8
  • Advanced language skills– early complex speech, early reading

I think that last one is turning up. Either that or she will be an exceptionally good mimic, and wind up as a comedian.

Bumpers by Grandma Theresa, blanket by Great-Grandma Genevieve

Bumpers by Grandma Theresa, blanket by Great-Grandma Genevieve

Bean and I have been walking most days this week in the morning, either to go to the shop or to our appointments. As recently as last week she would be asleep within sight of the house, lulled by the warmth of the wrap and my movements. This week she has decided that’s boring, and will poke her wee head out of the sleepy wrap and look around, staying entranced by other houses, gardens, pedestrians and (especially) dogs for a distance of many blocks.  Because the weather is warm and sunny I’ve needed to get her a sun hat. It is pink, floppy, and roughly daisy-shaped. She fell asleep wearing it this afternoon, and I caught a glimpse of myself walking along with what looked like a big flower sprouting from my chest.

The grocery store, with all the colored packaging and humming coolers and changes in temperature, not to mention old ladies cooing over her, is an exotic wonderland. While walking her about in there yesterday I felt full of happiness, watching her take everything in with wide dark eyes. Then it occurred to me that in short order she will be reaching out to actually take everything in, making grocery trips a chain of hassles and disasters. Thank heavens I live in the Internet age, and can order stuff in.

More exciting than doctor’s appointments and grocery shopping was Bean’s first visit to her grandparents’ house. She was quite sleepy through most of it, but she did practice her “huh…ohhhh” on Grandpa and gave Grandma many heart-melting grins (while Grandma gave Mum and Dad a cracking roast dinner). Auntie Steph has been by again to do my feet. I’m pleased not only by the relaxation this provides but also by the fact that Steph is getting a good case study out of me. The difference between my pregnant feet, freshly delivered feet, and current feet is really amazing.  

But not as amazing as the difference between freshly delivered Bean and Bean today, now that she is eight weeks old.  Huh-ooooo, darling.


Talking to Papa

Talking to Papa



(PS: We are working on getting videos posted. Hopefully this weekend.)



  1. There is a definite Spacey-esque feel to that picture! She is adorable…can’t wait to see a video or two! Only 64 more days til we get to see you guys 🙂 Counting to July 2nd when we’ll be up in Jersey.

  2. I cannot possibly thank you enough for keeping up on this ‘blog’ (awful name for something so wonderful!). I feel like I could see you at the doctors, at the grocery and walking home with a flower sprouting out of your chest.
    Thank you for sharing your joy in all these moments… truly monumental

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