Songs in the Key of Bean: Born at the Right Time

Now that Bean is nearly two months old, her hearing is almost completely matured and she seems to really be interested in music. There is a lot to love about this Paul Simon song (from 1991’s Rhythm of the Saints), even in the less-than-ideal recording I found on YouTube:

It’s a beautiful, gentle song, showing Simon’s usual attention to detail in the arrangement. There are a lot of different tone colors– guitars, piano, accordion, horns. The lyric is beautiful, especially the chorus, which is nice to sing aloud to the baby:

Never been lonely

Never been lied to

Never had to scuffle in fear

Nothing denied to

Born at the instant

The church bells chime

The whole world whispering:

“Born at the right time.”

And of course, I always smile at this:

But down among the reeds and rushes

A baby girl was found

Her eyes as clear as centuries

Her silky hair was brown

beanbathClear as centuries, indeed.

Bean enjoys being rocked to this song while she’s nursing, and with the weather warming up the South American-inflected melody seems especially appropriate. I’m sure we’ll get a lot of wear out of this song as she gets older. Add it to your playlist if you have a little one around the house, or even if you don’t.



  1. Thank you SO MUCH for these updates! The BeanBath photo is the BEST yet. You choice of music (her choice of music?) is impeccible!
    Don’t forget Puff the Magic Dragon

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