The Week(s) In Bean: March 29 – April 21


Uncle Dave and the Bean (photo by Anya)

Uncle Dave and the Bean (photo by Anya)

When last we updated you (much too long ago), Bean had just finished four weeks of life on the Outside. Week Five was spent mostly getting ready for week six, when she’d meet Uncle Dave and Anya for the first time. Bean slept through repeated vacuumings of the house and tagged along with Mum while she did laundry.  On Monday, April 6th, just after Uncle Dave and Anya landed at Heathrow Airport, the health visitor dropped by and found that Bean weighed 9 lbs 9 oz. No wonder Mum’s arms and shoulders were getting sore.  When Dave and Anya arrived later that day (thanks Steph for the lift!), Dave immediately got in on the act by playing with her feet and hands until she was all of a dither.

On Tuesday (the beginning of Week Six), Bean proved that small babies are really very portable during a long, four-hour hike around the Worcestershire countryside immediately to the south of us. She was fed and had a nappy change in the sunshine by the reservoir, and slept comfortably on Mum’s chest the rest of the time.  Mum was glad for the walk, the longest and hardest she’d done for a long while. That night, Bean joined Mum and Dad and Dave and Anya and Simon and Steph downtown at Wagamama’s for dinner, where she sat in her car seat and watched everyone eat. Bean, alas, is too young for noodles yet.


View from the Malverns (picture by Grandma M)

View from the Malverns (picture by Grandma M)

On Wednesday, Bean proved just as good a girl when everyone ate at a pub and then climbed to the summit of Great Malvern. They’re not terribly big, the Malvern Hills, but the views from there are beautiful. You would think all the heart of England is visible when you stand at the triangulation point up top.  Fighter jets plowed through the clouds, and Dave and Anya talked knowingly about what sort of plane it might be and what the pilot was doing. Mum was impressed.  That night the grownups ate pizza and watched the Mighty Boosh while Bean snoozed in her cradle.

"She'll never remember this," Dave said. "You will," I said.

"She'll never remember this," Dave said. "You will," I said.

On Friday, Bean made her first visit (certainly not her last) to Warwick Castle, where she and Mum were buzzed by a buzzard during the falconry display.  There were many re-enactors on the site for the Easter holiday and we learned some interesting facts about crossbows.  The castle, in spite of being a bit of a tourist trap, has a fascinating history, and Mum went home that night to start reading about the Wars of the Roses again.

On Saturday Dave and Anya planned their visit to London, and went that same afternoon. It was a very short visit, but it was the longest time Mum has spent with her brother since they were in high school (and with Anya since, um, ever), and it was good. Mum is very glad that Bean has people like Dave and Anya in her life.


Blink and you'll miss it.

Blink and you'll miss it.

And since they left, life with Bean has settled into a pretty easy routine. Mum is slowly getting back into things at work, and Dad can handle his job in spite of broken sleep. And Bean continues growing– yesterday she weighed 10 pounds 10 ounces. She smiles at everyone and is beginning to laugh. She coos and babbles and can purposefully reach out and grab things now– although she’s not so good at letting go. Her eyes have changed from slate blue to slate green (most likely on their way to brown) and she will go quiet at the sound of Mum or Dad speaking, if she’s upset. She is a cuddly little delight, and more so day by day, now that she is seven weeks old.



  1. Ooooh…I am so jealous, wish I could come visit with you guys too! So happy to see she is healthy and growing well. So the count down is on, only about 3 more months to go until we get to meet Eve 🙂

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