Songs In The Key Of Bean: Deep Blue Day

Our journey into alternative lullaby music continues, following on from last week’s piece by Erik Satie to this one by an artist who claims to have taken inspriation from Satie. People who raise an eyebrow at Bean’s four names should get a load of the mouthful this week’s featured composer was slapped with at birth:  Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno, known as Brian Eno for short, is probably most celebrated for his turns as a producer with bands like U2 and Talking Heads.

Much of his body of work involves what he calls “ambient music”– music that isn’t about anything but is intended to be a background, as “interesting as it is ignorable”. Or at least that’s a dumbed down version of the artsy-fartsy rationale for it. Normal humans who have not been to art school would probably just call it “instrumental” or “soundtrack” music.

Anyway, here’s this:

Commenters on the YouTube discussion board referred to this as “galactic luau” music, and I think that’s as apt a description as any. At any rate it is lovely and peaceful and Bean contentedly snuggles down when it is played.


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