The Week In Bean, 18 March – 24 March

I see you!

I see you!

Week Three


Pictures now added.

Wednesday: The feeding frenzy that began in week two continued in earnest. Mum is shrinking while her daughter swells adorably.

Thursday: Mum and Dad noticed that Bean has begun to fiddle with her hair when she nurses or sucks on her pacifier. Surely once it is long enough this will become a full-blown hair twirling habit, like the one her aunts Cathy and Joan have.

Freshly Bathed Bean

Freshly Bathed Bean

Friday: Bean suddenly forgot how to nap today. While she continues to sleep normally at night, she refuses to sleep in her cradle or cot during the daytime. The only way to get her to nap is to hold her or else pop her in the Sleepy Wrap. While using the wrap is generally agreeable, Mum’s back needs a break now and then, and Dad lacks confidence in his own wrap-fu.

An overtired newborn is a fairly fractious critter. While we’re coping with the interrupted sleep quite well now, we feel bad for poor Evey Bean, who needs, in a very pressing way, to nap during the day and just can’t hack it. We’ve tried swaddling, white noise, removing her to a dark room, etc. We’re pretty sure this is just a phase, but any advice is welcome.


Bean made her debut in town (but slept through it, as we were carrying her in the wrap at the time). We took her to the Bull Ring and New Street and had coffee like normal humans. Later in the day Mum took Bean to the park for a walk, where Bean looked around a bit before falling cozily asleep.


A scene from our quiet afternoon:


MUM is in the armchair, reading something on the laptop. DAD is at the table reading a book. BEAN lies in her cradle, staring at the pattern on the bumpers.

A clock TICKS. A cat SNORES.  Then the pleasant domesticity is abruptly shattered by a thunderous FART.

MUM and DAD look accusingly at one another.

MUM: Well?

DAD: I swear it wasn’t me.

MUM: Well, it wasn’t me.

BEAN, in her cradle, smiles.

Also on Sunday, after Bean had proved her resemblance to Uncle Dave with her adult-sized flatulence, Uncle Dave phoned up to confirm that he and Anya will be visiting us during Holy Week. Hooray! We’re looking forward to having Bean meet her American relatives. And possibly imposing on their kindness so that Mum and Dad can have a nap.


The health visitor returned with her dreaded scales. But to our surprise, Bean did not kick up a fuss when stripped down and weighed. Even more of a surprise was her weight: 8 lbs 8 oz, up from 7 lbs 13 oz a mere week earlier.  Clearly the growth spurt wasn’t a fluke. Bean also began to flash what could be an early social smile when Dad sings to her, or when Mum tickles her belly or twiddles her feet. She is starting to become Evey, and not just a Baby.  Who knew it would start in just three weeks?



  1. Awww….the love fest continues. So glad y’all are getting to know each other. The napping thing will be a constant issue…Neil is 2 and does the napping only occasionally, much to my disappointment. So, with that said, the napping will go in spurts, as does everything with little people.
    All my best ! Love and hugs, Can’t wait to see you this summer!

  2. Perhaps mum and dad are just too exciting for Eve to consider that ever necessary nap. She’s only been out for 3wks, way too many exciting things compared to the oven she was baking in all by her lonesome for the 9 months prior. I imagine in another week or two she’ll have a more settled schedule and it’ll be smooth sailing from there on out, at least that’s my hope. That’s how my girls were. And bless the child for sleeping through the night. I know way too many people with children over 1yr that still don’t sleep through the night.
    Big hugs!

  3. Oh…and thanks for blogging, it is a great idea and the fact that you are such an awesome writer makes it ever so enjoyable!
    Write on…

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