Songs In The Key of Bean: Gymnopedie No. 1

I am back at work a bit this week so there should be more updates here, as I’ll be sitting in front of the computer. Here’s a new weekly feature about music I’m playing to Bean.

Time was that I made music mixes for guys I liked or for my siblings (Cathy: remember “Music for Meerkats?”). Now I make ’em for the Bean.  This weekend she sort of forgot how to nap, and became immensely agitated and tired, so I combed my collection for quiet music.  The best of the lot was Trois Gymnopedies (Gymnopedie No. 1), by Erik Satie:

This got her nicely drowsy while nursing. If you know of any good music for babies– even music not officially written for babies or kids– post ideas in the comments. Lullabies, singalongs, and other fun songs welcome.



  1. Trois Gymnopaediae?
    When I first looked at this title I thought, “Three feet in a Gym?” but looking up the meaning of gymnopaedia ( greek meaning ‘naked dance’ {generally male atheletes}) gave me considerable insight and a mental image that my son would object to!
    I highly recommend, “Puff the Magic Dragon”

  2. The Music for Babies Collection from Advanced Brain Technologies is exceptional.

    Four albums; Sleepy Baby, Peaceful Baby, Cheerful Baby, Playful Baby. Each recorded with world class musicians, and tempo specific by title.

    Disclaimer, I am co-producer. You can hear samples online at Enjoy!

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