This Week Out Bean

Hey lovely people! Trev here typing while the divine and totally incandescent Rose is temporarily away from the keyboard. Sorry for the slight lull in informational availability but we’ve been a bit distracted. Big thanks for all the love and good wishes which have been carefully gathered up and put to good use letting my girls know that they’re even more loved than usual.

Just so you know, Rose is recovering in hospital with Eve right by her side and she sends her love back to you all. Both are healthy and happy. Eve sends a slight foot wiggle with a side order of tentative thumb suck.

So…things here kicked off at 3.30am Monday and we went to the hospital at about 10am. Progress was a bit slow unfortunately and Rose was induced about 10 hours later.  It was indeed a C-section delivery, carried out because our long wiggly daughter had a knot in her umbilical chord, probably due to using it like one of those ribbons that you see in modern rhythmic gymnastics. Disco baby was a bit wrapped up and so even though she tried her best to come out she became starved of oxygen and distressed at every attempt.

Rose worked stupendously hard throughout the proceedings;  not only riding the peaks of 12 or so hours of escalating contractions but also keeping the midwives amused with a tirade of fine quips and witty observations. She’s a born entertainer. At one point she was talking to the anesthetist when she abruptly broke off the discussion to busy herself with a full minute of down low growls, moans, howls and high pitched banshee wails. Then just as quickly she stopped again and said rather sweetly, “As I was saying…”  The guy laughed and I couldn’t help but feel blessed to be contractually obligated to such a very cool wife.

Two of the midwives from the early shift visited yesterday and said they’d never had such a great time, and could they possibly keep our beautiful daughter maybe? Please?

The frankly fabulous Theresa and I met Eve at about 2am yesterday and Rose was wheeled in shortly thereafter. We cooed, we hugged, we counted fingers and toes, then Eve cried, Rose cried and we all cried.

Life really doesn’t get much better than this.

Oh, and just in case anyone had any small wagers on middle names, I have permission to reveal that the bean’s full and official title is Eve Abigail Ann Judson.

Love to you all.



  1. Well written, Trev! It brought tears to my eyes. A BIG Congrats! I couldn’t be happier for you! Much love to the Merli and Judson Families!

  2. You are almost as great a writer as your dear wife, absolutely love both of your bloggings 🙂 So glad to hear that both Rose and baby Eve are healthy and doing well. We sent some fun gifts from the Amazon registry so look for them in the next few days…can’t wait to see pictures (in your spare time, right!) Love to everyone, xoxoxoxo

  3. Oh, and by the way, I absolutely love Eve’s full name, it sounds beautiful and the meanings of each are so sweet…
    English, French, Biblical
    From the Hebrew name חַוָּה (Chavvah), which was derived from the Hebrew word חוה (chavah) “to breathe” or the related word חיה (chayah) “to live”..

    English, German, Biblical
    From the Hebrew name אֲבִיגָיִל (‘Avigayil) meaning “my father is joy”…

    From the Hebrew name חַנָּה (Channah) which means “favour” or “grace”.

  4. Abby said everything I wanted to say so…see her comments 🙂 But she did go a step further than I would have to actually figure out how to do the hebrew letters on the keyboard..that’s pretty cool…and I didn’t send anything from Amazon just something from Say It Baby…look for that too!!! Love you all….can’t wait to hold her and hug you both!! Thank you for giving us Eve into our family!

  5. Awww….lovely name and welcome to parenthood. And yes, it all just gets better….even in those early morning (or late night…depends on how you look at it) feedings, you’ll feel so much love and admiration for this little being. It will fill your heart forever.

    We love you all and are so happy that everyone is healthy and happy.

    Much love to all y’all.

    Chris and Family in TX.

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