1. Hey, I just heard from Granny Carol that March 1 was Grandma Genevieve’s b-day…I’m sure you already knew that with G-ma-to-be T. there. But, just thought I’d mention it.

    Love you all and hoping to hear soon if Bean-o has made her arrival.

    The TX Mauers (North edition)

  2. I am proud and pleased to say Rose gave birth to Eve at 1.18am on 3.3.09. All parties are doing fine. Further updates to follow once sleep had been caught up on.

  3. The birth was natural, but right at the end there was a problem with the umbilicus, and they decided to do a C-Section to ensure the baby’s safety. Teresa has extended her stay (the perks of being a civil servant!) and I hear all are fine, but very very tired.

  4. Dear Judon and Merli families,

    Sincere congratulations on your new addition, and best wishes for Bean. Good work, mama Rose. Glad to see you on the other side.

    Please do call if you need anything.

    Much, much love

  5. Ditto Yelenas’ comments….so, so happy for you all!!

    Hope y’all get all the rest y’all need….had to throw a few y’alls’ in there so Bean know she has loved ones in TX…..


    Chris and Family!

  6. Congradulations!!!!!!!! So happy that all are well! I hear the little one may have finger toes!! Right on!! Love and hugs all around!! Can’t wait to see pictures!!!!

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