A Watched Pot Never Boils

Since Thursday we have been hitting the reverse psychology hard. A trip to Ikea, curry, lots of walks, and then yesterday a long lazy sojourn in town, during which we had lunch and coffee and visited the fruit and vegetable market in the Bull Ring.  We had cleaned pretty much everything that could usefully be cleaned (exception: the carpets), and Mom suggested that she make herself scarce for the evening so that Trev and I could spend some time alone and chat.  She booked a room up the road at the Old Rose and Crown and snuck away at about 5 pm.

Trev and I had chili for supper, then watched a few episodes of Black Books while eating nutritious foodstuffs, and made each other laugh until we were hyperventilating and the cats were driven mad by our whooping.  Quinn tried to leap from the radiator to the top of the wardrobe in the back bedroom, but misjudged the structural integrity of a pillow and went flying into the hallway when it slid out from underneath her. This inspired her to chase her tail. Trev laughed at this so loudly that Bean jumped inside me. 

I suppose she realized she’s missing the fun, because around 2 am I was awakened by a) the urge to make cornbread and b) nice strong contractions. I slept on and off from 4-8 and they are still coming along. Fingers crossed this is the real thing.

Bear in mind that this could go on for two days or more. We will post updates when we can. Would be nice if it was over today though. Not only would we get to meet the Bean at last, but seeing as how it is Trev’s Mum’s birthday, I would outright win at the in-law contest by giving her her first grandchild today. Simon, you’d have to, like, save them from a fire while playing jazz on the piano and then follow it up by begetting twins on Stephanie who later turn out to have a talent for electrical engineering and standing bass. So bring your A-game, dude.

Me and T are heading out for a walk to see if we can get things going. More later… I hope.



  1. I just love your blogs!!! They are the best and I hopethey continue when Bean Comes out to play!!! Anyway take care and do what ever you can to have Bean here soon…Lot Of Love!!!

  2. On Family Guy they induce labor (it’s American) by putting the TV remote by the mother’s feet, then switching on ‘two and a half men’. Instant birth, as the baby pops out to switch channels.

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