41 Weeks 0 Days

I would prefer this to induction.

I would prefer this to induction.

Went to the clinic this morning for a post-dates appointment. Met with Viv, a midwife I’d seen before when Shelley was out on call, and a very confident student named Ophelia. Had an internal exam conducted and there are no signs of labor approaching, which is disappointing to hear when someone is elbow-deep in you. Viv swept my membranes and then booked us for an induction on 3 March at 10 am.



Induction of labor involves synthetic hormones. (We’re aware of all the ways people attempt to induce labor naturally. We’re trying whatever seems feasible.) The first one they’ll try is synthetic prostaglandin. You can still have a waterbirth with a dose of this. If that doesn’t work within 24 hours, they hook you up to an IV with synthetic oxytocin, which means you are now going to have a regular hospital delivery. This causes intensely painful contractions and can lead to uterine hyperstimulation or in extreme cases uterine rupture. Women induced with synthetic oxytocin are more likely to want an epidural for pain relief, which limits mobility and can also interfere with the mother’s ability to push effectively.

Synthetic oxytocin is also associated with higher levels of fetal distress in labor, so electronic fetal monitoring is used to constantly trace the baby’s vitals. This often means a mother is stuck on her back for labor, leading to a longer and more painful ordeal since you cannot use gravity to deliver your child. Ultimately, this cascade of interventions that begins with synthetic induction frequently leads to emergency caesarean sections.

Suffice it to say, this is not what I want for Bean. I wanted it to be as gentle a process as possible and to not have her be handled by surgeons or pumped full of drugs. Also, there will be issues with Trev’s leave– he is running out of paid leave– and Mom will have to extend her ticket to ensure she gets to meet the baby. I love my in-laws, but if I don’t have someone from my own family present to meet the baby I know I will be depressed.

Finally, at this point I won’t be going back to work until very late March or early April– later if I have a c-section. I am the family breadwinner. This is not stress I need right now.

Kiddo, get a move on, please.  It will be better for both of us.



  1. I am sorry to hear this news but now that there is a scheduled date she’ll probably come on march 3rd at 1am all by herself without intervention! And besides, wouldn’t you want to have the same birthday as Tone Lōc, American rapper and actor or John Virgo, English snooker player? And on 3/3/1931 the US Congress adopted the Star-Spangled Banner as our national anthem; melody originally an English drinking song!
    Check out this link to see the history of what has occurred on March 3rd…

  2. OK Abby you’ve made me feel better. Funky Cold Medina!

    Also, 3/3 is Tom’s birthday and D-day for Cathy and Pocono Jesus.

    Chris– don’t cross eyes.

  3. 3/3/09 is definately d-day for us… I find it odd that our certified letter stating the beginig of our onsite says” the PADEP onsite assesment will begin at 10:00 am on March 3rd 2009″ …exact same date and time that they will induce you if Bean doesn’t move out before then!! Kinda weird! Love you Rose, everything is going to go great !!!! Love and hugs all around!

  4. Think of the positives. In the UK, a pregnant woman can legally relieve herself anywhere she wants – even, if she so requests, in a policeman’s helmet. That possibility is GONE once bean arrives.

  5. @Simon– REALLY? Why did you not tell me of this before? We could have really livened up the middle section of the Mighty Boosh show we saw.
    “Hand over the hat, Moon! I’m pregnant AND it’s my birthday AND I need a wee! Topshop!”

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