Baby Bean Birthday Bingo – Updated

Odds of 1:365 (or 1:366) are by no means insurmountable odds, but it is sort of spooky how many friends and family members of mine have the same birthday. It’s also pretty wild how many have birthdays in February. Here are some of the synchro-birthdays I know of (fill me in if you know more):

  • 19 January: Trev and my Dad (paging Dr. Freud…)
  • 20 February: Aunt Carol, my cousin Casey
  • 26 February:  Trev’s Dad
  • 21 September: My older brother Dave, my younger sister Cathy 

There are a few more upcoming dates that could make Bean a birthday-mate of a family member as well:

  • 27 February: My aunt Annie (“Anma”)
  • 28 February: Trev’s Mum
  • 1 March: My grandmother Genevieve
  • 3 March: My cousin Tom

My birthday, Nov.1, isn’t shared with anyone in the family (my oldest cousin Frank comes close as he’s a Halloween baby), but some folks I know in St. Louis share it. I have an ex-boyfriend who was born on Christmas Eve like my grandfather, and another friend with a June 10th birthday like my Mom.

Anyone want to submit revised bets for Bean’s birthdate? I am guessing it will be April 2011, the way things are going.


I am a horrible niece. Annie, I fixed your birthday. Thanks, Cathy.



  1. March 3rd…. in the evening… that’s D-Day for us here in Tannersville at Pocono Labs. That would be quite fitting. I’d become an aunt and the QA Director for a fully certified environmenal testing lab..(fingers and toes crossed!)…(and yes everyone knows I can really CROSS them!!)

  2. Tough call. If Pocono Jesus was wrong, the rest of us really are just guessing :o) I will say Feb 28th, since it would be a nice present for Trev’s “Mum”, and so that you don’t have to think about (the other) Bean waiting a whole ‘nother week. I will be swishing down the slopes at Breckenridge and Vail for the next 4 days. I expect phone calls anytime day or night :o)

  3. Thanks rose… by the way, Annie B-day is 2/27! So close one but not quite… maybe she’ll get a b-day mate though..fingers crossed:) !!!

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