40 Weeks 5 Days

What’s she doing in there? What could possibly be so exciting that she doesn’t want to come out and start using her lungs, learn to focus her eyes, and have her bum wiped by her loving parents?

Some ideas:

  • Epic Monopoly game in progress
  • Finishing last season of “The Wire”
  • Waiting for complicated Photoshop effects to render
  • Watching special-edition Lord of the Rings DVDs plus all the documentaries
  • Waiting for cable TV guy (“He SAID he’d be here between 11 am on the 19th and 3 pm on January 31st, 2015.”)
  • Drafting an opening statement for the press
  • Waiting for said opening statement to come back from legal
  • Figuring out her share of the national debt (in which case she will never come out)
  • Working on a new translation of the Decameron
  • Hair and makeup
  • Secreting surfactant to mature her lungs, producing stress hormones, shedding lanugo, sucking her thumb

Ideas? Post them in the comments.



  1. – Filming “Big Brother 10: the womb version”
    – Doing stretches (importance of which is genetically hard-wired on the Dad’s side)
    – mourning the end of the aforementioned ‘The Wire’
    – sliding about in there and going ‘wheeeeeee!’ as if in a meat Zorb
    – waiting for the next wagamama’s fix, knowing she’ll have to wait until weaned for the next one
    – waiting til Trev finishes cleaning the car
    – preparing to run on a Merli/Judson ’27 ticket

  2. –figuring out that awesome British accent. Cooing sounds different over there.
    –thinking that it’s nice and warm and why should she come out in the dead of winter. They can’t possibly keep me warm enough on the outside (cute hats are a bonus though).

    I hope she makes her debut soon….there are ways to “coax” her out…have you read the ways to do such things? Don’t want to post them in case mums are reading.

    xoxo from TX!

  3. I was just thinking, you could coax the baby out. My aunt is a maternity nurse and once D day approached for myself or my sisters her advice was to go lock ourselves in a room with our husband and um….stir things up a bit. At the very least you could have some great fun and stress relief.

  4. @Chris and Mo– we’ve done walking, curry, pineapple, castor oil, bumpy car rides (not a euphemism). As my mother is here we can’t exactly… um. Would you?

    @Annie: “Anma” is now your name. Especially if Bean arrives tomorrow! Did you know it’s also Trev’s Dad’s birthday tomorrow?

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