Twiddling Thumbs

Thanks for the calls and lovely comments.

Today, all was normal at the midwife’s. Bean is still in great position and way the heck down in my pelvis (hence this sitting-on-egg feeling). All systems are go… we are just waiting for launch.  Interestingly, I’ve learned that research still hasn’t turned up a clear explanation for how normal labor starts (not in humans, anyway). It could be a hormone from the baby or the mother, from the lungs or the adrenals or the pituitary or some other stimulus. Either way, it ain’t happened here yet.  She’s been moving a lot today (packing her bag, maybe? Looking for her keys?), and finally Trev saw my abdomen moving when she moved. Until now he’s always been looking away when it happened. “Yes,” he told Mom later, “I saw the little shark fin.”

We had lunch out in town with the lovely Steph, who shouted out loud when she saw Bean move, and a lot of people around us looked up from their noodles in alarm, probably thinking there was a contraction happening.  When you’re pregnant and starting to show, people smile at you. When you’re ready to blow, they stand back, as if they expect your waters to break like the Hoover Dam.

I realized that I hadn’t got anything to wear during the first part of labor, so we wandered around the Bullring looking for something suitable until I was exhausted and fed up. (Steph found the perfect thing later, and brought it round in the evening like the sweetie she is.)

We also finally settled the middle name issue. Trev hadn’t been keen on my original idea of “Caroline” because he had a girlfriend by that name once. But after digging through some name books in Borders (“Sigourney!” Steph said. “Myfanwy!”), we came up with one he really likes and has a lovely meaning. It’s the name of someone in our family already, so we’ll keep a lid on it until we announce the birth.

Other than that we have been napping and reading and discussing politics with Mom over pasta.  Tick, tock, tick, tock.



  1. The blog idea is great…I have been thinking about you guys over the past few weeks and waiting for the news of beans birth day! Can’t wait for the next update–it may come with a picture of Eve:)

  2. I’m thinking Eve Davina Judson. Although I bet it will be “Chris” as a concession to Dad so he doesn’t call himself Grunckle :o)

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